Textile Art


As an emerging textile and fibre artist, I am interested in life and the unexplored world of cells. As part of my practice, I explore: aerial landscapes (particularly Australian); native animals and birds (Australian); and microscopic worlds (think microbes and plant cell structure).


I recreate what I see in textiles and fibres. My work involves bold colours, shapes, texture and movement. It can be a panorama or a cellular structure. Currently, I am focusing on phytotomy (the study of plant anatomy), although you will see some animal and human tissue studies.


My aim is to bring life to unexplored vistas through my interpretations and designs. I create my pieces using free hand machine embroidery on my  Bernina Record 830 (50+ years old). Think of me drawing, not with a pencil, but with a needle. Currently all of my work is made using rayon threads. This is a natural fibre - I like its lustre, colour depth and softness. 


For my cell structures, human tissue and  some animals (usually invertebrates),  I use a soluble fabric (washaway - non woven PVA 50gsm from Echidna) as a backing. Whilst my aerial landscapes, animals and birds are created using fabric and threads on a linen background.

I want my audience to experience the joy, the wonder and the impact that these worlds have on me; and to want to explore what I see.