Welcome to Uniquely Deborah

I am a passionate educator; artist; obsessive compulsive collector of textiles, fibres and resin.

My primary focus is running workshops to allow participants to learn new skills and knowledge; and create pieces they love.


With over 15 years experience in resin and 25+ years in textiles, I have a wealth of experience to draw on. 

In the workshops all materials, PPE and light refreshments are provided (Sandgate only).


I offer expert and professional tuition in a small, friendly and supportive environment (not to mention air conditioned). All the preparation is done for you, so that you can just concentrate on creating pieces you love. 

I actively promote handmade... we are all born to create.


About Workshops 

I offer a whole host of artisan resin and textile workshops, here in my beautiful bayside studio in Sandgate, Queensland. 

You can view upcoming workshops on my Workshops page below.



If you would like to view a list of all workshops I offer and a description of what these entail, please follow the link below.

All bookings for workshops are via Facebook, or you can email me to get in touch directly to book in. 

4 years ago I started a micro business offering small workshops in resin jewellery....and look where we are today!


I started offering workshops as a way of making some ‘pocket money’. 


My workshops have always be based on:

  1.  Small - maximum of 6, usually 4 people

  2.  Consistency- always run even if only 1 person is booked in. Everyone’s time is valuable

  3.  Quality - using quality materials and providing professional tuition 

  4.  Safety - no short cuts ever

  5.  Time- no rushing. Plenty of time to finish pieces

  6.  Allowing for differences - everyone learns differently. Skills and knowledge are important

  7.  Everyone is creative - they just need the right environment, medium and support

  8.  Be kind - you don’t know what’s going on in someone’s life

  9.  No UFO’s - no unfinished objects! How many times have you left a workshop with something unfinished?  It’s hiding in a cupboard, isn’t it?

  10.  Value - I offer value for money in terms off materials, quality, time and tuition. Workshops are all inclusive.


To date, there are over 30 artisan resin and textile workshops on offer. Most are bespoke, using my own techniques, moulds and processes. I am constantly working on new projects and prototypes.


What have I learnt over the last 4 years?


  1.  Be flexible...life sometimes gets in the way!

  2.  Try ...try something new or different. You might surprise yourself! 

  3.  Everyone is creative! 

  4.  Be innovative. There are no mistakes...just learning experiences!

  5.  Be kind...everyone’s journey is different!

  6.  Move on ...remove toxic or negative people from your life. You will be better off for it.

  7.  Be genuine and generous.

  8.  There will always be unethical and immoral people....how you react is important.

  9.  Value your loved ones

  10.  Take care of you. Your mental and physical well being are paramount.


As I move into my 5th year of business, I have made time for some reflection.


We live in a world of instant gratification, incivility, superficialities and judgement....and we need to manage our expectations.


Sometimes you can’t have what you want ...or you just might need to work very hard for it. Nothing is free.


Stuff is just stuff! Will it really matter in 5 years time? 


Show some empathy. Until you walk in someone’s shoes, don’t make a judgement or assumption. You could be very wrong!


‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ will make a huge difference in your life. Use them!


2019 has been a challenging year for me personally. I have had a few health issues.

I’m not one for advertising that I am not well....and superficially, I look well. 2020 will see me trying to be a bit kinder to my body....and maybe saying ‘no’. Please don’t be offended if I do.


A heart felt thank you each and every one of you who has attended a workshop or supported my business in some way. I am incredibly fortunate to be able work at what I love (teaching) based on my hobbies and passions. I genuinely love what I do! 


Lower Brighton Terrace Sandgate QLD Australia 4017


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