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What’s New at Uniquely Deborah


It's our 5th Birthday at Uniquely Deborah!





Towards the end of January and throughout February

we will be giving away prizes, including a workshop.

Prizes will be randomly drawn (and no discussion will be entered into).

All prizes will need to be collected from Sandgate.

We are very excited to be turning 5! 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting a micro-business.

We genuinely love what we do. We really appreciate your support.

Here's to an exciting 12 months!

P.S. Coincidentally, Ollie is also 5!

And Ollie and I have presents for you!

Workshops 2021

Please check out the Workshops page.


In 2021, I will be hosting many more exciting workshops here in my studio in Sandgate. Looking forward to a productive, happy and creative new year.

Click below to take you to our current upcoming Workshops page, or to view all possible workshops I offer.


Lower Brighton Terrace Sandgate QLD Australia 4017


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